And the million dollar question is…

 I found this while doing some search, it’s a part of an article wriiten by Ali Baghdadi in the Arab Journal, on April 18, 1997 (In memoriam of Qana’s first massacre)

“…How can anyone find (this) acceptable for a people, who had themselves experienced many calamities because these refugees chose to remain close to their homes and villages?! How can anyone imagine that people, who had (allegedly) suffered centuries of oppression, are able to target innocent civilians taking shelter in a camp belonging to a UN peace-keeping unit, despite repeated UN personnel’s appeals to stop the shelling?!
How can any man or woman comprehend how Jews, who build memorials to remind people of the “holocaust,” have the power to drop “smart” bombs over towns and villages inhabited by real people?! How can any individual understand how Jews, who continue to complain (about) Nazi atrocities, have the strength and will to force the evacuation of 100 towns and villages and render the peaceful inhabitants homeless with no food, water, clothing or shelter?!”
And the question is still pending!

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