Bond Arabs


Yesterday I was watchign MBC2, it was the Bond movie night. In case I have nerver mentioned how much I hate bond movies, I should say that I now have one more reason for that…

The movie showed a man, an Arab, dragging a western woman by the hand. The woman was held captive at some Arab stronghold. Thewoman was clad in a traditional Arabic way (a black gown) and the man was dragging her as if she was a sheep… then tied her to a stake. This is to show how Arabs treat women… the same mentality of looking at Arabs as premitive uncivilized savages…
Afterwards, other men came on horses, all Arabs of course, and the man then took the black gown off the woman as if he was starting an auction. The men looked at the woman and started salivating as if they have never seen a womanbefore! And you know the rest, then comes the hero and saves her form the cannibals!
What bugs me even more is that this movie was on MBC2! An Arabic channel! I can’t get the point of it! I mean if there was any…
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