C’est La Vie

Well, my sister leftto U.A.E today, it’s kind of hard leaving the place you lived in for 25 years, but I know she’s happy… And you know I can now have more room in the closets, the winter clothes are all mine and we don’t have to fight over the most trivial things everyday or so… This is good, she should travel, it’s all good… YET, I don’t know why, minutes before she left to the airport, a river of tears straemed down my face.
Isn’t it ironic? Whatever path you choose in life, you still have something for the path you haven’t chosen. I don’t want to sound Hippie in this, but really something of us remains wherever we go, and something of the people, those we love, care for, live with, stays whithin us. No matter our differences, our clashes or our perspectives on life, it’s always hard to let go…

Enough philosophical reflections now, let’s get practical: What things are most probably to change in my life now? Let’s see… hmmm, I have to do the monthly shopping alone, but you know shopping alone is not that bad, unless some freshman part-timer calls you: Madamme! It’s not like I was getting lunch for the kids! I was only pushing an empty cart…

Well, it’s not only about shopping, I think many things will change, but I can’t figure anything significant now, it takes time you know… but looking at the bright side, I think thee distance makes you value your loved ones more, makes you miss them and gives you and them new experiences to share…
The important thing is not to let whatever distance take away what you have for them, and when you say: keep in touch, DO keep in touch! Actually it becomes more fun to keep in touch, you know those prolonged emails, pictures, videos… etc. Going away is not so bad after all 🙂 That’s life…
Originally posted on Thursday, November 23, 2006 http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/11/121575.html


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