Cowards and Puppets


The Saudi government described Hizbullah’s attacks on Israel as miscalculated and untimely acts… Okay! We’ve been waiting for the right time for ages, I htink we had to wait till they burn the last street in Gaza for example! And I don’t think Hassan Nasrullah would get himself into this war unless he’s sure of his first and second strike capability.
On the other hand, Jordan and Egypt issued a joint statement condemning the Israeli atrocities. Well that is better, but it’s still a shy starement and not up to the intesity and the seriousness of the situation. They also warned from miscalculated risks, what is with Arabs and risks? I know it’s not wise to take miscalculated risks, but, we don’t take risks at all! Why did they consider this one  miscalculated beforehand? For all I know, there is a big difference between being wise and being a coward… Why should we be so cowardly while Israel is acting with all the insolence in the world! They even have the gutts to demand the Lebanese government intervention to stop Hizbullah! It’s like: We want to kill, we want to mount raids on the Palestinians, and you just shut up! And cling to peace efforts! The time is never appropriate niether for peace nor for striking back, losers!
Well, what was that power equation? I forgot the name of the man who came up with it…. anyways, I think it was:
Power= Military capabilities+ Economics capabilities+ Population+ Land area /Goal+Will
If you have the will, it cancover for the lack of Military and economic capabilities! I’m not suggesting taking risks randomly and going to fight just like that, but I’m saying: You don’t have to wait till everyone is killed and till you have the same weapons Israel have! At least take some political actions, stop acting like quivering kids and do something for real! And stop talking about miscalculated risks (though I think this might be the new mass-used word of the decade, it could even beat “terrorism”)
The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing at all
Originally posted on Saturday, July 15, 2006 on

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