Define Genocide


Genocide: Mass murder of a people typically because of their racial, ethnic or particular identity.
Also found this interesting:
Today the civilized world’s only practitioners of genocide are the Israelis. Golda Meir was known for her comment that Palestine was seized “by a People without a land,” because it was “a land without a people.” Actually, “people” had inhabited the land mass of Palestine since the dawn of civilization. The concept of a “land without a people” was a racist and genocidal concoction that Meir used to justify Israeli expansionism.
But I have to add that there is another practitioner of Genocide, the United states! Israel’s alter ego…
Examples, examples!
Gaza raids

Jenin massacres

American-Israeli genocide against Iraq

The recent attacks on Lebanon, I’ve just heard on T.V that Al-akhras family was entirly eliminated! Is that genocide or what?

Also, it would be appreciated that you vote on this poll
Another thing, if you happen to post anything about Israeli crimes, make sure you add the tag: Genocide to them


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