It’s just annoying how some things are taken for granted in our society. Some of them really make my blood boil!

Hmmm, how about the role of men and women at home? case in point: My friends mother was out of country for some weeks. While she was away, her two daughters assumed responsibility over the house: the cleanign, the cooking, and the other chores.
The two girls came back from university, tired, they had to clean the mess left by their father and brothers, who are not willing to wash a cup they use. They had to cook, washed clothes once a week, let alone being a subject for their father’s mood swings, as if he was venting due to the absence of his wife. Maybe that was one of the few things their brothers took a part in.
Now, the father and the sons were not half as busy as the girls, but as I mentioned above, they wouldn’t help. WHY? is it laziness? pride? what?! Even the 13 year-old brother was kind of giving orders: Go sweep the floor…! When I heard him saying that to his elder sister I was like: are you kidding!
Anyways, I didn’t miss the chance to snap at that. Once, I was at their home and we were sitting with their family, talking about how successfully the girls ran the house in their mother’s absence. Then, someone addressed me saying: “I don’t know how would you manage if  your mother was away!”  I replied immediatly: “Why! My father and brothers are quite collaborative. They know how to prepare their own food, clean any mess they cause, etc.”
That was one example of those disturbing attitudes in our society. I wanted to write more but I’m afraid I wouldn’t express the situations clearly, which might cause misunderstandings. Anyways, I hope that the message is copied!
Originally posted on Monday, March 13, 2006 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/3/30003.html

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