Dream Jobs VS Lucrative Jobs


Well, well, well! This has been a point of dispute between me and some people lately…
As I’m coursing my hopefully last semester, I’ve already started thinking of the next step… A job.
Actually, I took the first step last semester, not so willingly though. How? here you go…
Suzan, a colleague of mine came to me one morning and asked me if I would like to get a job at translation in a renowned company. Having already worked in that domain, I was not so encouraged, but I was flattered by her recommending me to her boss though we didn’t know each other very well. Encouraged by friends and family, and ashamed to disappoint the girl in our first time to deal with each other, I went to the company.
I met the boss, and he told me that I should pass a training period at first (which I was well aware of, having learned the details from Suzan) and that after the training period I could be hired aytomatically.
I was taken by the atmosphere, it seemed like a real job! the offices and stuff… So I decided to give it a shot!
It was only for 3 days, and for about 3 hours only aday! As short a period as it may seem, I couldn’t bear it any longer! And my previous notions were confirmed: I hate office work!
You know, sitting in the same chair for several hours, focusing on the monitor, and doing what? translating! well, it might seem enjoyable fo rsome of you, but for me it was bordom itself!
Soon after I quit, people went like: WHY? some would blame me for missing out on such an opprounity. They even tried to persuade me to take that job temporarily till I find the job I want.But what if I got stuck in that career?! Why would I deplete my energy on somethign I don’t like! 
Almost everyone gave me the same reaction, except my cousin, Nadia, who could very well identify with the situation… she only shook her head and said: I know what you mean, I’ve been there! 3 months at a design office, having people telling you what to draw and what colors to use… they just kill the creativity in you! She really encouraged me to stay firm in y determination to go for what I want in life… 
What do I want in life? Well, I don’t want a job where I have to sit there all day and deal with papers and figures. I want interaction, I want to deal with minds, with people… I want to move move move! I always thought about teaching, a very noble job, especially that we need more teachers that teach because they love to teach, not because that is the only job they could get!
My dreams go way farther than this actually, but don’t want to be hasty… one step at a time!
88% encoding… well, that is one reason why I wrote this post, waiting for a CD to copy =)  It’s taking forever! Nighty…
Originally posted on Thursday, April 13, 2006 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/4/38026.html

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