Today my last exam, not only for this semester, but for the whole 4 years (en sha’a Allah)… As I walked out of the exam hall, I had that unexpected feeling of embovelence… but I know I’m happy 🙂
I decided to take a look at these four years, and to make a small record in the form of Q & A…
1- First class attended at uni
Spanish 101, that was in october 2002
2- Last class attended
Linguistics, mAY 2006
3- The Highest mark I got
I had a couple of full marks or so
4- The lowest mark I got
11/20… military sciences!
5- Favorite subject (core subjects only)
6- Least favorite subject (in general)
Visual basics
7- Most difficul subject
Syntax 1
8- Favorite professors
Lina Zebdeh & Isabelle Alijo
9- Professors I wished to take classes with but I didn’t
Dr. Amjad Qorshah and DR. Nader Jallad
10- People I met at university and who I wish I’ll never forget
Manar, hadeel, 7amzeh, Ola and many others
11- Classes of which I was kicked out, or in which I tbahdalet
Novel (kicked out because I asked the professor if I can go out for a moment to answer the call)
Syntax (We were discussing the exercises and our voices got unconciously loud)
12- Friends I knew before uni and who are still good friends of mine
My lovely cousins Worood & Nadia
Mai (classmates at school, colleagues at the samedepartment and we will be working in the same place en sha’a Allah)
Also, I started bloging in the 4th year, I joined Mahjoob at the end of the first year, I started working when I was in the 3rd year… 
That’s what I have for now…
Orignally posted on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/6/57217.html

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