Graduation, is it worth it?

 And we’re done with university, at last!

Before I say what I am about to say, and in order for my point to be clear I should own that I have gained much from my universoty and it taught me many things, not to mention that I met great people there…
Well, yesterday was my graduation day, it was fun being with all these friends and classmates. We lined up for enterance and, with the university song playing and replaying, we headed to our seats.
Now, looking at all these graduates with the whole atmosphere was a very impressive scene for many people, but ot for me. I really wasn’t deeply touched or extaraordinarly impressed by the wqhole thing. On the contrary, the song got on my nerves, it’s very touchy, and I didn’t feel like we’ve saved some planet…
I viewed the image of the graduates pouring in and, the idea that hit me was: What’s all the fuss about? I know some people who are graduating but they don’t seem to have gained the minimum knowledge requiered! I found it sad, our universoty is the most reputable university in Jordan… The averag level of the students should be much higher! All those people cheering for the graduates and celebrating outside, it should be a pleasant and impressive scene, but thinking of the high expectations these people might have from their children and the other graduates makes me see the dark side of it…
I don’t want to seem like a dark horse, so let me admit that the graduate day was fun because:
1- It’s an official announcement that you have finished college, your passport to life.
2- You make your parents proud, and it feels good.
3- You take nice photoes with your friends. 
Let’s stick to this side for now… 
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