I’m not Feeling Special Today


Well, long time no blogging! my eyes are blurring but I can’t root myself up off the seat! Want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the good stuff: Go t my email back! yes, those guys at hotmail seem to be doing a good job! Now I’m working on my packed in box,pretty nice forwards there…
Another good news, It’s my birthday! the first of September… Why is that good news? well, I’m 22 and I’m still alive! I’ve survived 22 years so far, thank God!You know this feel sweird because I don’t feel like it’s my birthday… it came really quickly! My cousins celebrated my bday a week in advance for technical reasons  Anyways, it’s going well so far, no need to bore you with what seems like a n early midlife crisis rantings…
So, move on to the bad news? The bad news… Well, it’s something that happened today and it bugged the crp out of me! It has to do with a problem I had earlier, it’s liek I was an eye-witness, I made a mistake and there was a huge misunderstanding, really huge, cause by me! I admitted my mistake, but the misunderstanding continued to snowball…
Now, supposedly the problem was over and everythign went back to normal… Till I discovered today, as I sensed, that some of my close relatives, peopel I love and admire, peopel I don’t want to get mad of me, seem to be so affected by what happened, and the problem is I don’t really know  what exactly they were told, since there’s been much sword-rattling, hocus pocus and gossip around
What annoys me is that, I hate it when my image in the minds of people I care for gets defromed, and I hate to think that they think that I’m an evil witch! It’s possible that they think so now, and I don’t know how I’m going to fix things up… I don’t want to reopen the subject because it involves many people, and we could go back to having more and more problems…
Well, that was a good vent! I still think I have many thins ot talk about, but I can’t gather my mind and II can barely open my eyes, think I should hit the hay now…
Ah, tomorrow,, God willing, I’m going to downtown Amman with Shaden and Hala! Long time since I last went there, I love that place…

Originally posted on September, 1 2006 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/9/89657.html


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