Iman was Inspired…

And liked to share the inspiration…

Name: Ola
Childhood abmition: Wasn’t really an ambitious child, all I cna remember is that I wanted to be a teacher, or a college student
First job: Translator
First ‘real’ job: Translator
Fondest memory: Awww… I don’t know!
Retreat: A walk, some solitude… many things could do I guess
Wildest dream: Well, on a trivial personal level, to be as professional a driver as taxi drivers1
Proudest moment: I don’t know!
Perfect day: A day off, doing useful and interesting stuff, and a family gathering in the evening 
Indulgence: Shopping, daydreaming , chocolates (really makes me feel like flying),  sweets in general..
Soundtrack: Emily
Last purchase: If you mean somethign for me then it’s the lovely mug I bought today, with a kitty and a doggy on it, and above them the caption “good friends”… I guess it wasn’t basically for sale but I bought it anyways
Alarm clock: At 5:00 a.m daily; but I rarely hear it 😦
People: worth knowing
Favorite book: Da Venci Code
Most used expression: saaaaa7?/ 3an jad!/ si7liyyeh/ wala isheeee/ 7ilo
Inspiration: Faith, necessity as the mother of invention…
News source: Variety
Biggest challenge: Self, but I’m not always winning 😦
Religion: A way of life, ditto Iman
Education: A must, a passion, a can’t-do-without
Pain: Natural, not as bad as it seems, a test
Happiness: A state of mind, ditto Iman
I am not big on tags, but I’m tagging Abed,  Weddo, The one, SimSim & Neverland

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