How come I didn’t find any article on the net that talks about Intrahistory…!
Intrahistory is the history of ordinary people, those who books of history don’t talk about much often, at least not in details. It’s a charming branch of history that describes the details of ordinary men and women’s lives, their minor costums, their interests, their position on the events taking place around them…etc.
There is a Spanish novel by Camilio Jose Cela called “La Colmena” (The beehive). It’s an illustrate example of Intrahistory. It’s a collective novel (i.e: it doesn’t have a protagonist, no principal character). The novel, which takes place in Spain short after the civil war, narrates the stories of over a 60 characters and the effect of the civil war on them. It’s title, The Beehive, says it all!
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