Israel has the right to defend itself, yeah right!!


Gaza-Beirut-Haifa-who knows what’s next…. and the world is watching helplessly! Except for the United States, who has run out of all shame as to claim “Israel’s right to self-defense”… Yes America! Shut everyone up and let the VETO speak… Why the cease-fire? Those armless palestinian civilians do pose a deadly threat to Israel’s securit, so it’s extremely vital to keep raining them with bombs day and night!

A Lebanese woman walks through rubble from an Israeli air raid in Beirut

Self-defense you say, huh? I’ll tell you what that means in Israel’s dictionary:
Self-defense: noun. The use of lethal weapons of all kinds against civilians on the pretext of having been attacked or threatened by militants, who are claimed to be targeted by the attack, not the civilians themselves. See also Collateral damage.
For more references on Israeli self-defence check out:
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