Marching on World Refugee Day

 got up at 7:00 am, had a mug of skimmed milk, dressed and hurriedly rushed out to the where the marchers were gathering…

We gathered in front of Addustour building, mounted on the bicycles and set out from there, in the direction of Al-waha circle. In the middle of the way, my cousin got dizzy and almost fainted, so we had to stop, wait for the first aid men to come and then following their advice by taking a breath to catch our breath before we joined the others on the way down from Al-waha circle and continue with them to Shmeisani, where we were met by members of JHAS (Jordan Health Aid Society) who received us with roses wrapped with brochures for the society…

The trip ended at Fun Factory in Al-thaqafah street, were they played Montaseba alqamati amshi

Given the sizzling weather, the thirst and the fatigue, I remembered what Ismail Shammout wrote about his memories as a refugee… The thirst, the starvation and the sun strokes. But those people had no bikes, no bottled water and didn’t end up celebrating in Al-thaqafah street…

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