On Juding people

In my first year at college, there was that girl who had that boyfriend and they were kind of showing affection publicly to such an excessive extent, in other words: makhdeen ra7et.hom… Once a friend of mine asked me soemthing about that girl, saying that her behaviour is so unacceptable, I said that I don’t know the girl and didn’t comment much on the behaviour itself…
Later on,in my fourth year, I became friends with that girl and got to know her better… I discovered that she’s a very nice well-mannered girl, she’s even religious though it doesn’t show fromm the way she dresses… Not to mention that she had already broken up with that boyfriend and she no longer hanged around with him.
Now, my point is: Who are we to judge? As for me I learned not to talk about people, even when seeing them doing something wrong with my own eyes, for two simple reasons: 1) this is useless gossip and 2) people do chage… Actually those people might be better than ourselves and we don’t know it. We also may change, we could become so bad ourselves… and no matter how bad we may become we can’t bear it when someone judges us…
Moreover, I think we can do many other useful things with our time than spending it talking about people, actually it seems to me that those who spend time talking about other people are those who don’t have many other things to talk about…
Just a piece of advice: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and remember than you can not judge a book by its cover!
Originally posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2006/10/109473.html

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