Pep Talk

 You know I just felt like talking, I mean some personal stuff and what not… Let’s start with some confessions, not critical ones, and I daresay rediculous… maybe!

1- I’m a bit of a klutz, I mean in the sense that I keep bumping into things, stumbling and tripping over things… Sometimes I lose my balance after getting up from bed or after sitting for  a while. Or, sometimes when I am walking with someone, my step starts to drift out of the track… Well, it could be more embarrassing if it happened with people other than my friends!
2- I love peopel who talk a lot… I mean those who would talk for hours without taking a break! Why? because my biggest concern when I meet soemone new is that we have nothing to talk about… so I feel relieved when they do all the talking 😀 Besides, it brings all the stories to my mind and I start talking too, I just need a subject then you might wish that I would just shut up 😀
3- I love holding my shades in my hands when I’m walking, sometimes I like that better than wearing them! I need new ones by the way…
4- I think I could pinpoint one of my biggest problems and the reason behind my insomnia: I’m always in a hurry, I always want to get done with whatever I’m doing so that I can move to the next thing… I rarely wish that something would not end! Even when I go to bed, I can’t wait till it’s morning :s So I don’t enjoy sleeping as I should… I think I have to slow down a little bit and learn to enjoy every moment in life
Let’s move on to some general diaries…
Today, I’ve cashed my first paycheck 🙂 It’s not my first paycheck ever but it’s my first official salary after graduation… Well what to do what to do! I felt liek going on a shopping spree… I called my friend and she was like: “spare me! I don’t feel like moving a limb!” My mother had soem guests to take care of, so was my sister… So I went off all alone, I like walking alone sometimes! It was fun…
Well, this might seem like a nonsequitur… But I think that whoever invented Nutella is a genius! Never mind, never mind…
Ah another thing, my friend Shaden is in Jordan! I haven’t seen her since last August, actually that was the first and only time I saw her, we’ve became friends over the net, two years ago, and now she’s come to settle in Jordan for good, insha’a Allah… Whoa I havw a million plans!
What else? Enough? Ok, good night 😀

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