Qana aftermath, Video


I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say, all what I saw on TV left me speechless… corpses being pulled out from under mounds of rubble,and that little girl, she looked as if she was a sleep… she looked so peaceful, even with all that dust on her face, and that girl who said that she lost her whole family, except her cousin, father and brother… I wondered how she was able to sustain herself, stand there and talk about it. I kept wondering till she burst out crying, now that will scar! That will definitly scar!
Then they moved on to that family in a hospital, who lost their daughter, Zainab, and were hiding the news of her death from her brother, who could sense that in their chocked voices as they spoke to him…
And that Condoleezza Rice finally found the “adequate circumistances” she was talkign about for the cease fire… Now why didn’t you say that u were waiting for such a massacre to encourage a cease fire!
You know it’s really harsh to see the pictures of people murdered in Qana then see Condoleezza Rice sitting with Israeli officials, laughing around a table with all kinds of refereshments and accommodations… Then here them blaming Hizbullah and saying that they are “sorry” for what happened  in Qana! Olmert would even be rather insolent by blaming the victims of Qana for what happened to them! Believe it or npt, he said they should’ve evacuated the houses so that Israel would strike them! Yeah Olmert, blame it on the dead! They don’t speak… No, we are the dead, not them! Because we are the ones who can talk, and as long as we don’t speak or act, we are dead!
You try to think of of those kids, their dreams, their stolen laughters, the joy in their hearts that was replaced with terror in the last minutes of their lives…For a moment I think that all that would be a curse over the murderers, forever… and nothing of that, not a tear, not a drop of blood would go in vain…
I thing the best thing to say now is:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(ولا تحسبَنّ الذين قتلوا في سبيل الله أمواتاً بل أحياءٌ عند ربهم يرزقون )

(ولا تحسبنّ الله غافلاً عمّا يعمل الظالمون)

 Originally posted on Monday, July 31, 2006 on


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