Scare him away…

She: I don’t know why, when he’s around , I do all sort of stupid things
Me: Or, maybe, you always do those stupid things. It’s just that, when he’s around, you notice it!
She: Quite possible
me: And quite common!
Everyone can be mad in love, only true lovers can be silly!
But of course that doesn’t mean that all true lovers are or should be silly
Toot toot
1 message received
She: Well, well, well! Now what is that supposed to mean! No! I won’t accept this, enough is enough! what in the world does he mean by that!
Me: What could he mean by “I don’t want you to be upset”!
She: Upset of what?
Me: I don’t know! He’s apparently trying to be nice!
She: No, no… I won’t tolerate this…
Me: Lsn here! I know how you feel and I know how you might regret it if you proceed like this… ignore your rage and send him something good!
She: Okay…
Message sent
Message received
She: Heeey! Now that is sweet!
Me: see, I told you…
Being aggressive means you are misinterpreting your feelings. It might sound better in your head, but it won’t get you anywhere!
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