Sister of the Bride

 Yes yes yes, after a hectic month or so of preperation, yestaerday was my sister’s wedding! You can’t imagine how fun it was! It was like a dream, I was looking at my sister unable to believe that she is actually a brideand getting married! The most impressive part was seeing my parents getting extremely emotionalabout it, my mother CRIED HER EYES OFF when my sister first came out of the room in the bridal gown, it took a lot of time and effort to calmher down… My father was no less emotional, you should see his eyes when he woke upthis morning. My sister, on the other hand, was a hyper active bride 😀 She didn’t get emotional till the end of the wedding…

 Moreover, I truelly enjoyed being “the sister of the bride”… Every time one of my cousins tries to tease me I go like: “Hey! you can’t talk to me like that! I am the sister ofthe bride!”… It felt best when we were telling one of the hotel workers to do something about the flowers boquets, he said he couldn’t change their places becaue the people who brought them might not like it, so I said: “If they asked, tell them the bride’s sister told you to move them, I’ll take the responsibility for that!” Yeah it felt good 😀
Shaden also was there… she stayed till the end and slept over at my house! I told you it was fun…
We all had fun! everyone had fun, but the one who got really crazy was my brother 😀 They told him to dance and not be shy, and he really didn’t need that kind of invitation… from dancing to jumping and waving his neck tie 😀
3ogbalko ya jama3ah 😀 I mean 3ogbal ma tkoono bride’s sister or brother :p
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