Talking Soccer

These are some parts of the conversations taking place between me and my brother, the die-hard Holland fan, during and after the world cup…

After the semi-final:
He: What a farce! Italy to the final…
Me: Yeah, say whatever you want, they won and they are up to the final!
He: Don’t make me start! Who did they beat? Ghana played better than them and were denied 2 penalty shots, they tied with the U.S, and they won over Czech who were palying wothout 2 of their top-drawers!
Me: Still, Italy won, and Holland is out of the tournament!
He (provoked): They were out after losing for Portugal! who did Italy play with before the won over Germany? Australia? Ukraine? Even their “victory” against Australia was scandlous, a penalty in the last minute! I don’t know what was Totti so happy about! You know I want to watch the final match with that friend of mine, an Italian fan, so I’ll get to give him a kick each time France scores, and each time Italy scores as well!
Me: Tell you what?
He: What?
Me: Da da da!
After the final:
He: I hate Italy! I hate it to the bone!
Me: take it easy! They deserved to win, they were better…
He: better? Did you watch the game? Germany in 2002 was more convincing to me than Italy!
Me: Nooooo you are exaggerating!
He: No I’m not! (Then he gives me a full report of the two teams road, in 2002 for Germany and 2006 for Italy)
Me: Well… they still won te world cup!
Da da da…

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