Tell you a Secret?


Well, you know how ideas lead to each other. You start thinking of something then you reach to that point in your childhood where something that you have almost forgotten about seems now as a turning point in your life. At first, this seemed a bit silly to me, but after some analysis, I realized that this might have much to do with what I am now.
 I’ve always been fond of barbies as a kid. I remember how I preferred them to all other toys. I still remember my first real barbie! It was a very well-made one with a blond hair that I damaged afterwards by bathing it in the sink.
One day, when I was around 8 years old I guess, my uncle who lived abroad came back, loaded with presents as usual. That day, he brought barbies for all my cousins who were around my age, and also for my sister, but he forgot to get me one. I felt so hurt and left out at the time, but I wouldn’t show it to anyone. When someone said: Do you feel bad because you didn’t get a barbie? I would go like: Nooo! I hate barbies anyway! Of course this was as far from form truth as you could see, but I couldn’t go back on my word. And from that day on, I declared myself a barbie-hater.
From then on, and as far as I can remember, I didn’t get any barbie, and I didn’t paly with barbies anymore. The lie was very well-faked that I almost believed it myself. Maybe, Maybe this was why I tended to act like a tomboy sometimes, but I wasn’t so good at that! I still preferred Lady Rin and Judy Abot over Mawkly and Sasooki!
As I grew up, I almost forgot about this story, and didn’t account much for it. It was only an unpleasant memory. But lookig back at it, I can’t help  but thinking that it could be a reason why, manytimes, I feel myself unworthy of some stuff. It’s when I hear a voice inside me saying: “Nah! Forget it, This is for girls!”
Moral of the story: If a little girl says she hates barbies, make sure you know why. Likewise, if a little boy says he hate football, make sure you know why. If you find them looking downcast, make sure you know what’s going on even if they denied and tried to look cheerful.
P.S: on the otherhand, if a little girl says she likes football, it’s ok as long as she still likes barbies. However, if a little boy says he likes barbies, make sure you send him to military school, even if he still likes football.
Update: This is what happened when a certain friend of mine read this post
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