The Cartoons, time to move on?


Today, I heard something on T.V at the Jom’ah Prayer that I really liked and made sense to me… I’ll try to sum it up in a few lines:
“Our Prophet -peace be upon him- is above all suspicions and trivialities. We have expressed our rage and still boycotting their products. Now it’s time to IGNORE them and not let them provoke us any further and divert our attention from other things we have to take care about in our life…”
I  think this is a very valid point. We have expressed our rage, avenged for our beloved Prophet -peace be upon him- and we’re still clinging to our position on this by the economic boycott. Now what do we care if some European official wears a T-shirt with the offensive cartoons on and stood in front of the European Union building? So what? what is his point exactly? Maybe he wants to crearte a fuss of any sort… and ignoring him would just be so disappointing for him. I think that way we will be out-smarting him!
Bottom line: Mission accomplished, let’s take care of something else. And as we say in colloquial Arabic: t2akkas 3alaihom… seebak minhom.
Originally posted on Friday, February 17, 2006 on

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