Things I hate in University Students


Being a 4th year student, I have observed some annoying scenarios during thise years… Many things got and still get on my nerves! such as…
1- Students begging professors all the time for different things, or giving them excuses why they didn’t do well in the exam. Ok, you’re a university student, you are a grown up, you have to assume responsibility over your mistakes, so why don’t these students stop doing this and learn to bear the consequences of their actions?
2- Students complaining about professors, and I daresay good professors, all the time! What do you want? This is not high school where teachers used to stuff information in our heads! We need professors, not crammers! Learn to depend on yourself!
3- The level of some 4th year students is so disappointing! How are they going to graduate! Why did they persue somethign they are not willing/able to keep up with? What’s the benefit of graduating without feeling that you are accomplished at your specialization?
4- The way modern languages students are underestimated. I mean that some people think that those who study English literature have a better command in English than we do. Why! That’s a very unfair presupposition!
I wish we will reach a level of self-awarness, maturity and independence, where we may have ambitions bigger than getting a certificate no matter how!
Originally posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 on

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