Today in The Bus


Well, I know that this has become a typical story but I couldn’t wait to post it as soon as I got home. Some people seem to be running out of shame! It’s getting more annoying as it continues to happen everywhere…
I was coming in the bus, sitting in the aisle chair and beside me, in the window chair another girl was seated. Suddenly in the middle of the way, the girl shifted in her place, I thought she wanted to get off the bus, but then she resettled in her seat.
Everything seemed quite natural till she asked me to shift a little to the right, I thought she wanted to get off so I jumped of the seat, but she immediatly explained that she only wnats me to shift a bit to the right in order to make room for her to get away from the window. I started to have suspicions, partially confirmed by the uneasiness and confusion of the girl… and by her pulling the drapes away from her, furiously…
Having my doubts, I stole glances at the person sitting behind us and, as I suspected, it was a guy… A man actually, as I could see when I was leaving the bus.
Well, you know the rest!
Originally posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 on

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