Translating the Holy Quran

Fo r all I know, it’s not permissible nor it is possible to translate Qur’anic verses literally. While it is possible to interpret the Holy Qur’an and give translation for it’s meanings. Inother words, you can’t translate Qur’an, you can only translate Its meanings. Obviously, this is because translating the Qor’an itself could alter its meaning, and could never render Its language properly.
Now, if you wnat to interpret he Holy Qur’an and give a translation for its meanings, I know that this can’t be done with one transaltor alone. As far as I know, you need, at least, 3 persons: A transaltor whose mother tongue is Arabic and has an excellent command of the target language, another translator whose mother language is the target language and is has an excellent command of Arabic and a Muslim scholar especialized in the interpretation of Qur’anic meanigns and in the Islamic tradition….
To make sure of this before posting, I searched the subject on the web and found this:
On this Web site, there are three translations of the Qur’an. Note that any translation of the Qur’an immediately ceases to be the literal word of Allah, and hence cannot be equated with the Qur’an in its original Arabic form. In fact, each of the translations on this site is actually an interpretation which has been translated

My point is, we should be very careful with the translations we find on the net, or those we try to contrive by ourselves… I would appreciate it if anyone canprovide a website that is reliable and trustworthy for this purpose. Thanks in advance.

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