Visitors from The Past

 Last night I was chatting with Zain, a friend of mine back from high school days, we study at the same university but we rarely see each other.

Suddenly, and to my surprise, someone else from high school signed in! A girl who I never talked to after we left school, not even on the phone or online! It’s that we had a falling-out or something, contrary to that, I used to like that girl, she was so vivid and funny! It’s just that everyone takes their own path, and life goes on… so fast.

I immediately added her o the conversation, she didn’t know who was talking to her… and when we introduced ourselves, the three of us were apparently in a state of utter surprise!

It’s amazing what could happen in 4 years… we started asking each other what’s up and what’s new, and asked about other girls from school, it was so nice recalling all these names… and we ended up with: “We have to meet!”.

Now, sitting here alone and thinking of those girls, their choices in life… and their plans, some graduated, some had accidents that affected their lives, some are engaged, others got married, some looking forward to graduate and find a job, some to continue their high education…

Life is strange… those girl I knew and we used to fool around and spend hours on end in the same classroom are no longer the young girls I knew. I’m afraid I have to call some of them Women.

I don’t wish to go back in time, but I wonder if, giving our current circumstances, we would ever manage to meet, the whole gang, talk as we used to talk, laugh as we used to laugh, share our sandwiches as we used to do, all of us in the same classroom…

Originally posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 on


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