Now I’ve been in this company for about a month. At first all the fellow employees were nice and everything. Now, there’s been some changes… The guys are still nice and cooperative, but most of the girls are treating me like crap! I don’t know why but I’m suspecting that they think that I’m being trained to replace one of them! Well, if that was the company’s plan then it’s not mu fault! Is it such a tiresome chore to smile at someone and say hi or something? Am I asking for too much! I thought: Maybe I’m giving them the impression of being conceited or unfriendly… Well, that’s a possibility but I don’t think so! Meanwhile, I’ll suppose it was me who is repelling them by some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy and try to be more friendly and chatty. Hope this will make a difference…

You knwo there is something else, I’m learning to be shrewd! It’s true that I already sound shrewd online but inreality, I’m much more milder than that! But it seems like you need to rebel when it comes to certain situations. If given way, some people would just patronize you and underestimate your efforts… You know it’s really annoying when they keep scolding you for your mistakes and you seldom hear them say soemthing good about your work! At first they managed to convince me that all I learned at uni is nothing and that they will provide me with a knowledge I won’t get elsewhere. Booooooo! I shall hand it to them that they did teach me important thing, but they were exaggerating a bit! We’re supposed to learn through trial and error. I.e: they revise out translation and provide us with the feedback. But guess what? soem of the correction they did didn’t seem that correct to me, and I was convinced by the work I did.
Now, what’s the design? Nothing, I just won’t give them a chance to make me feel ignorant or inferior, even if I had to use the evil eye for that… The gloves have come off and I have nothing to lose! Hopefully…

Originally posted on July, 10 2006 on

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