Amman, the Enchantress

Bordom can be useful sometimes! You can discover things you didn’t know before, believe me! So, yesterday I was having one of those boring days, not because there’s nothign to do but because I was feelign like doing nothing. So, I went on surfing the net, then I stopped by Flickr and decided to search for some pictures of Amman. How amusing was that? More than you cna iamgine…
I found some stunning pictures there, not that there was hidden codes or soemthign in the pictures, but they were spectacular in their own way. Most of them were normal pictures of Amman in an ordinary day, but as I was viewing them, I felt a strange fondness towards Amman, and start iamgining how would it be for me if I leave this city, then I thought to myself: I really love it! I never realised how much I do before now…
One picture in particular aroused that feeling in me, and I don’t know why exactly, but it did! It’s this picture, by robin_2711. Something in that picture, the downtown, the rain, the drenched streets,the weather… something, or everything combined tells you that this is Amman. I know downtown is not everyone’s favorite place, and soem peopel do raise their eye brows when I suggest that we go for a stroll there… but you should really try to take a stroll there and feel the essence of simplicity in the old city…

The other day, I walked with my cousin Nadia down from the third circle in Jabal Amman, up to Dar Al-Anda in Jabal elweibdeh. There, I saw the best view of Amman ever. There’s a small balcony in Dar Al-anda that overlooks downtown Amman, and you can imagine the view, just about sunset, with a flock of pigeons doing circles in the air in perfect harmony…
Every city has its own identity. An identity felt and touched in the streets, shop signs, people, language and everything, rather than defined in a few lines. For me, and I think for all of us, Amman has instilled its identity in us, and became an inseperable, or hopefully inseperable part of us. How many non-ammanites would understand a simple Ammani joke or expression? How many peopel would see soemthign special in a simple sidewalk, colored pink and yellow? There’s something special about this city…
You know for a while I’ve been thinking of going abroad for sometime, I mean to work or something, but I never, never iamgined myself leaving for good… I don’t knwo how people do it :s
This a city to ENJOY, really, just grab your camera and wander around… you could always run into some old friend, or some distant acquaintance. You can almost never get lost, you may get bored sometimes, but you always go back to do the same old things.
Just like a spell, a sweet spell that you never want to get rid of…
Picture by radio-diablo

Picture by:  aisling_mck
Picture by: CitroenCrazy
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