Physically deleted memories


9/6/2003, that was the date I officially registered to, looking back at those 3 years, I realize that it was much more than an online experience, in fact I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it changed many things in my life, too many things. I was literally documenting a large part of my life there; I met many interesting people, many of whom became very good friends of mine. I met people the likes of whom I never met in real life, I learned many things, discovered a shady side of my personality… just too many things.

So yesterday I learned that they are deleting threads and posts from Majoob forums to make room in the server. Physically deleting them, they can’t be retrieved. Do you realize how disturbing this is?


Let’s put it this way: You have a blog in which you made hundreds of posts and thousands of comments. You talked about yourself, wrote your diaries, spoke about funny situations, hard experiences, you wrote stories and poems, you laughed at other people’s comments… sometimes you would even go back and read those old posts, this blog repress-ents a computerized version of your life, and I dare say, yourself.


So, one day you come online to find 80% of the posts and comments deleted, how would that make you feel? Bugger.


You know this really disturbs me, partly because of the deleted dozens of thoughts, ideas and feelings poured into them, and partly because it makes me think: No matter how attached you are to things or people, you have to let go. There are people/things that come into your life, leave their footprints, but sometimes, not all the times, it’s probably better that you erase them from your life, and in some cases, better yet to erase them from your memory. This-s might sound exaggerated given that I’m talking about a cyber space, but If you ask me why I’m saying this, you can refer to the first paragraph.


Anyway, it’s nice to mention some bloggers who were in Mahjoob (Mahajeeb, always loved this term) met some in person, weirdoes yet alright well, no actually they are great people: Laila, Weddo, Dino, Euphoria, Shaden, Tulip, Kolita, SimSim, Ohoud, Iman, Soul Blossom, JoodNas, Theone (hay bel bold font 3ashan ismoh saqa6a sahwan the first time ), Hamzeh, Khaled, Loza, The Mo, Dima, Hareega, Bo3Bo3,  Verbal Alchemy, And Algoo(3al bai3ah, 3eesh )
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