Saddam, off to history

I think it happened too fast. Usually a good deal of time elapses before they carry out a death sentence. Well, now Saddam is dead, like many Iraqi’s who were murdered during his reign… but my problem is not Saddam himself, Allah yer7amoh anyways, he needs His mercy badly. My problem is the manner in which he was deposed, captured and sent to death. Now it’s like a fairy tale, a new story added to histpry books: The knight in shiningarmor (US) came and overthrown the tyrant, and then sent him to death… It bugs me that we couldn’t get rid of tyranny ourselves, till when will we stay like this? handfolded waiting for soemone to do the job for us so that we can sigh in relief? And, I’m afraid to say, even hail and applaude…
Another thing, the timing. Why exactly today? the first day of Eid? I think this must have some significance… Never underestimate the timing!
Another idea is kind of a nuisance: Do you think Saddam’s death will save Iraq? No. I mean, what next? who’s next? Don’t youthink that Saddam has taken some secrets with him to the grave? so, that’s it?
My brother had a somehow interesting idea: “imagine that this was his look-alike!” LOL, I seriously doubt it, but this could make a good indian movie 😀
Originally posted on Saturday, December 30, 2006on


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