مبروك الشارع

Leaving the parking at Mecca all, my mom is driving; it’s crazy out there with everyone going out for shopping before Eid. From the opposite direction comes a woman in a car who was signaling with her hands as if she was trying to say something or complain about something. As we passed side by side with our car, my mother, thinking the woman was up to no good, snapped as her with one bold “AIIISH?” I, in my turn, thinking the woman was challenging my mother to let her pass through, was about to shout out “Mabrook el sahre3!”, but fortunately enough the window was closed. In stead, I tried to give her a grave sideway look to convey that message. The woman looked back at me in a way I wouldn’t take as offensive.

Then my brother had this epiphany…

“Mom, she’s trying to tell you to turn on the front lights”


Originally Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/10/347623.html


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