A Diary: When it Snows in Amman

Worood: I don’t feel like going to work today!
Ola: Get up! In Europe the snow grows this thick and they still go to work!
It turned out that we’re not in Europe.
As we left home, some students at a nearby school where standing at the window, shouting their lungs out, snow can really bring out the rebel inside you! After freezing out waiting for a taxi, we finally got to our respective work places, and were told that we can go back home on the spot! I think now is the perfect time to wonder what was Graham Bill thinking when he invented that useless thing called telephone, not to mention mobiles! Who  needs them? You can always get out of home when the city is freezing over, get to work and then ask if you can leave! Piece o’cake!
Now the ride from Jabal Amman to the 7th Circle was something. The taxi driver, who looked something around 20 years old, seemed quite inspired by the weather, too inspired that when the song “Layl w ra3d w bard w ree7” played on Fan FM he simply lifted his hands off the steering wheel and went on clapping! I was this close to start clapping along but you know…
It’s funny how it took us about an hour to get from the 3rd circle to the 7th circle because of some snow (in normal days it takes about 5-8 minutes)… Then I had to get a ride to Marj Alhamam, who would go there after hearing the airport road is blocked? But thank God my brother and his friends were waiting in the car at the 7th circle, that’s what friends are for, or to be more politically correct, that’s what brother’s friends are for!
You know the problem is not only in snow or in traffic accidents, it’s also about people pulling over to watch the fender-bender (not a rare sight in Amman)… I fancied that the bulldozers were coming to shove the cars and people, not the snow!
It’s really funny how life stands off when it snows in Amman, but looking at the silver lining: I’m now at home, blogging, thinking of making a cup of hot milk, watching a nice movie and reading a good book! The world outside can wait…
Originally posted on Thursday, March 15, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/3/176936.html

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