And I thought it was the worst of birthdays…

After one week of depression over the many thoughts I had about people drifting apart and the dreadful feeling of aloneness, and just after I’d given up every hope that anyone would make my birthday this year special, it turned out that all week long someone was plotting in the shadows.

Waiting for a taxi today for around one hour was enough to ruin my mood. When I arrived at my aunt’s house I suggested to my cousin that we go have lunch at Salad House. She said OK but she insisted we pass by Grandma’s house first. She asked me how my birthday this year was, and I said it was the worst birthday ever. At first I had reason to think they were preparing some sort of surprise, but little by little I convinced myself I was just imagining thing. Well, it turned out I wasn’t, and when we reached Grandma’s house everyone was there to turn what I thought to be the worst birthday ever into one of the best.

What surprised me even more is that my brother told me they’d planned a bigger surprise on Sunday. He called everyone, my cousins, my friends, even my friends from work! (Shaden, he called you but your mobile was out of reach ) But for one reason or another, it didn’t work. Well, good thing it didn’t, because I might’ve had a heart attack with joy!

To top it all, I even received some nice gifts. Lovely Weddo brought me the book “The Fountainhead”, which I wanted to get long time ago! Also my brother got me Hearts in Atlantis for Stephen Kings, one of my favorite authors. My cousins also brought me candles with a burner, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before how much I love candles.

They really saved my 23rd birthday, and I can’t thank them enough! I’m so grateful to have all these people around me, even those who weren’t there today but I know that at one point they were involved in the act.

I just remembered this. 2 days before my birthday my sister sent me an email asking me what were my plans. I told her I had none, and that you don’t plan your own birthday, people plan it out for you! Looking back at that, I think it what makes birthdays so special, and so vulnerable!

Well, I’m quenched, and I think I’m done celebrating this year. It’s not like I’m so accomplished and my good deeds are flooding the world, but I just wanted to be remembered and to feel special… And I did.

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