Are Books Too Expensive?

You see a girl, wearing fashionable clothes, driving a brand new car, carrying the latest mobile phones, going out often, spending money here and there, yet when it comes to books, 8 JD’s is too much!!   Are books really too expensive? Or is it about people viewing books as a stack of   paper?

I don’t mean to be judgmental, and I know not everyone can afford to buy a book for 10 or 15 JD’s, but I’m talking about the whole mindset of those who can afford it. Some people are not willing to spend their hard-earned money on a book, but they are willing to buy expensive clothes because they think “it’s worth it”. Some people think that since they can borrow the book, they don’t have to buy it. Well, this seems practical, but personally I can’t imagine reading a book then giving it back. That’s why I don’t borrow books; for I feel there’s some kind of bond established between you and that book, not to mention that you may want to keep it for future reference. Moreover, in the long run, you might want to build a library and leave it to your children and grandchildren.

Books are not merely ink on stacks of papers. They are someone else’s thoughts, mental effort, emotions, self poured into paper, a flow of consciousness with a streak of sub-consciousness…

Maybe if we look at books this way, we might change our mind about what is and what is not worthwhile. And if that ever happens, I’m pretty sure it’s not the only thing that’s going to change.

Originally posted on Wednesday, July 04, 2007 on



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