Bits and Pieces

This was written-n in a famous Arabic magazine, under the title “tips to come over an emotional -failure”:

Don’t listen to sad songs. Instead, listen to the song “Ana Haifa”…

Why would a self-respecting devastated human being listen to “Ana Haifa ana” in order to feel better? How would it possible help?!!


Nada is my best friend from school days. She’s not a blogger, she probably have never read my blog and will never read this entry. Anyways…

Nada was once coming home in a taxi after applying for a job, which didn’t work out. She was all devastated after having been unemployed for several months, so she called her sister and started crying and whining. To get you in the mood, the song playing in the Taxi was “elwad 2alboh byowga3oh” While Nada cried and cried…

After hanging up, the Taxi driver asked her:

– May I ask you a question?

– Go ahead

– What did you study at college?

– Political sciences

– Oh, just like me!

You can imagine Nada’s reaction, while “elwad 2alboh byewga3oh” played on…


It’s funny how you see teenagers throwing themselves away, emotionally I mean. Always in a rush… No matter how you tell them that it’s not about making a good or bad choice, you can always end up being hurt. You might say it’s ok to get hurt. Well, not always. For us, or some of us, it’s ok because we reached a stage where we can get hurt while keeping our self-confidence and self-esteem. We might get sad for a while, but our basic character remains intact. As for those poor things, it could be self-destructive… But you know they won’t listen, because if you were in their place, you probably wouldn’t listen either!


Translation could be really funny sometimes. Haroon Al Rasheed saying: Take it easy and a Mexicano with a poncho and a large straw hat saying: لا تنفكين تفاجئينني البتة

What else?

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