Cat Fight

Date: Saturday, 5/1/2007

Time: right after the prolonged lunch break (since we spend the lunch break hanging out and bringing food, we need to eat afterwards)

Place: In a closed office somewhere in Shmeisani

Battled parties: Ola (Yours truly) and Ruba (new on the block)


– The following misfortunate event took place right after having a maliciously delicious chicken philly, since both parties involved enjoy crappy unhealthy food and not ashamed to admit it. Mind you that this could have a serious toll on brain function.

– It was Saturday and we were like the only ones working among the people we know, so everyone was either sleeping, going out or whatever but not working. So, we needed to do something to forget that reality.

– It was rainy, rainy days makes you feel you want to go out or stay under a heavy blanket at home watching a nice movie… whatever! That’s a lame excuse anyway

– Ruba hadn’t had her after-lunch coffee yet, and I am on allergy medication, which you know can have side effects. Another lame excuse…

– She was bored, and that was one of the rare times I felt like working. Clash of wills, a battle was bound to ensue.


Ruba went around going from desk to desk whining about how bored she was and how she didn’t feel like working at all. Then, all of a sudden, she’s standing by my desk, dropping things deliberately on the ground. I tried to be patient by picking things up and telling her to buzz off because I was trying to work, which hadn’t happened in a while, but there was no stopping her.

The Last Straw:

Ruba grabbed the calendar that was on my office and held it up, threatening to drop it on the ground. It wasn’t much about the calendar, but well, I blew a gasket anyway and threatened her that if she did, I’d do something she wouldn’t like.

Zero Hour:

As I had no idea what I was threatening to do, I grabbed the first thing I could lay hand on, which happened to be the seemingly harmless mouse pad. After some hesitation, she went suicidal by taking the very unwise decision of dropping the calendar. The next thing I knew I was sweeping my arm back and tossing the mouse pad as if it was a Frisbee, forgetting the fact that I took lessons at school in tossing something like the frisbee, but a lot heavier. For a fraction of a second, my heart sank within me because then it hit me that we might need to buy her an eye patch after the perfectly horizontally tossed “Frisbee” snatched her eyeball away. Thankfully though, she managed a maneuver that made her left side of the head take the blow.


Thankfully as well, there was no aftermath. Ruba is the kind of girl who takes those fights with more than a grain of salt. She only looked up with a look that says: “Oh my God!” and a grin that says: “Wasn’t this whole thing ridiculously funny?” Later on she would take me by surprise and throw a rubber pencil holder at my back. Ah, she also said: I hate you, to which I replied: Get in the line.


– Never underestimate the power of a girl working on Saturday.

– Never mess with a moody klutz, especially if she has some seemingly harmeless objects at hand.

– We should do this more often, just without any hard objects.

An earlier scene to set the record straight:

Girls leaving the building…

Ola: A lady does this… [and then kicks the big glass gate open]

Ruba: Yeah! way to go…

You know what I’m talking about now?

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