Don’t shoot me please

This is an email I received today, from Mohammad Omar, Palestinian journalist and photographer, reporting from Gaza. I’m not going to comment on this, you just try to put yourself in his place as an eye witness to the horrible situation there, not as a hero, not as a defender of the right, but as a human being…

Dear friends,
I’m scared, i was almost killed or at least bleeding
till death. three militants were closing all roads and
they sudden, they said to me stop during the curfew, i
stop and then the masked-men open fire under my feet
hitting the ground under my feet. i thought I’m
killed, and i could not explain or scream as the
shooting was louder than my scream, so I said, :” No,
don’t do that, stop stop, please” oh, i was in tears,
this is the first time I’m begging someone not to kill
me, and then the other guy who’s also militant was
standing in my side and said, we don’t want to kill
him, lets shoot him in his legs and leave him bleed. I
said, what? why? and then he said, your ID, I show it
with the press card and then they let me go. I was
scared that they would shoot at me once I turn my
back, but alhamdllah this didn’t happen, I was scared,
scared, scared to death. this was not pleasant
experience, and they were doing this, as I got stuck
and could not find transport back home, so I went
walking in the streets. I’m scared to death. those are
just evil and terrible people. I don’t wish to be in
that position again. i can’t stand in my feet
anymore, I feel pain and scared. those are working for
preventive security, which is working closely with
Israelis. I was wearing my bullet proof vest, but this
didn’t protect me enough. today, more than 10 were
killed and tens were injured, many by Israelis, but
still some by Palestinian clashes between Hamas and
Fateh. they don’t want this to be reported. I didn’t
tell about this to my mother, she will be scared

sad greetings!

Originally posted on Saturday, May 19, 2007 on


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