Emotionally Abused Children

Today something happened that made me kind of furious, and I thought when something arouses your anger, there’s no use denying it, complaining about it or cussing out whoever started it. What the heck! Don’t let your fury go to waste, just seize the moment and write about it, maybe it would ring a bell somewhere.

So, everybody talks about different kinds of abuse against children. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, etc. Now physical and sexual abuse are kind of more definable, but when it comes to emotional abuse, it’s the more tricky one. For kicks off, let’s state the fact that emotional abuse underlies every kind of abuse you can think of, but this is not the tricky one, because here it can be spotted, you know something is wrong with the child and it need to be fixed.

The emotional abuse I’m talking about is that we, adults, exercise on daily basis against children. I’m not saying it’s more dangerous that the former kind, but what might make its consequences graver, is that it might go unnoticed, and it can build up silently, and before you know it, it turns to something really ugly.

As adults, sometimes we forget what it feels like to be a kid. Worse yet, somewhere in the back of our minds, we think that we have the right to take it out on them whenever we feel like it. Be it anger, frustration, worry, you name it. Sometimes we even recruit them in our battles against other adults. They become a scapegoat for something they have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with. Why? Because we can, and they have to be “good” kids and obey.

Please, those who have kids, the next time you have a fight with your neighbor, you don’t have to prevent your son to talk to their children. And when you fight with your spouse, you don’t have to ask your child to take sides! If you are a teacher and have woken up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, try to leave your screwed up mood at home, and if you couldn’t, just skip school that day. Newsflash: Those creatures you see as helpless brats good for nothing but playing and bugging the crap out of you are real people, and one day they will be full grown ups, even better than you and me. You don’t wanna be responsible for destroying that, you just don’t…

Leave children out of it, just leave them alone

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  1. I completely understand what you mean. I came across similar situation with my friend when we were kids. His father had a fight with his neighbour and he did not permit his son (my friend) to speak to his son (my son’s neighbour, who was supposed to be his friend). As time progressed, fights were so bad that finally the neighbours had to vacate and move to a new house.

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