Facebook Generation

A: So, what did you do next?

B: Nothing, I accepted his friend request

A: No you didn’t!

B: What else could I do? It would be rude to ignore

A: That’s why you had that funny status, “Some people just have no class”

B: Oh no that’s has nothing to do with it! I was just bugged by that girl who keeps posting weird comments to C’s wall.

A: Oh now you’re jealous!

B: I’m not jealous but it’s getting ugly, he has too many girl friends on facebook

A: Yeah and half of them are his COUSINS!!

B: You know forget it, I just have to get over him and stop checking his profile

A: Especially with those weird profile picture, didn’t know he was into blondes!!

B: He’s into everything and everyone! Anyway, did you hear anything from D?

A: No, I wrote on her wall and sent her a message but she didn’t reply. You think she’s mad of me or something?

B: Why would she be?

A: She invited me to join a group to vote for a friend of herS on Super Star but I ignored it, I don’t watch the show

B: Nah I don’t think so. Maybe she doesn’t have access to the net,, she hasn’t updated her status in days. Try sending her on her mobile.

A: But I don’t have her number, we’re not really close… at all. I even have her on my limited profile list.

B: Oh no! Does she know that? Maybe that’s why she’s been sulking!

A: I wouldn’t care less. In fact I hope she removes me because it’s embarrassing to have her picture on my friend list with all those piercings on her nose, ears and tongue!

B: Tell me about that! My mom saw the picture and she wasn’t really fond of it

A: Ah, speaking about your mom. She mentioned in her status that she was cooking Lasagna, I’ve been craving that form months!

B: Oh, now you see why I didn’t want my mom to join facebook!

A: Shut up and let’s go have some lunch. Wait! I think this would be cool for my status…

Originally Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/9/332521.html


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