Gaza Drowned in Darkness

How sad rather than ironic that civilians have to pay for the endless power struggle between factions. Here, analyze this:

European donors stopped paying key electricity aid over the weekend, concerned that Hamas  is siphoning off revenues. As Fatah and Hamas traded charges of corruption, at least half of  Gaza’s 1.4 million people were plunged into darkness.
Way to go European Union! We should never doubt your wisdom in handling delimmas, not to mention your noble motives. And it certinly had the desired effect. Fatah and Hamas traded charges of corruption.  That’s news to me! Because you know they never did, they always come to a settlement one way or another. And you know the other interesting piece of news is this: they were concerned that Hamas  is siphoning off revenues.  It’s really bcoming old this “Hamas is a corrupt government thingie”. How is a government supposed to prove itself if they weren’t given the chance? slamming after slamming and boycott following a boycott, and who pays the price?

Hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents were forced to make do without electricity Monday as the coastal strip’s power supply became the latest victim of feuding between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and their Fatah rivals.
That was the sadly outrageous part. Here comes the ironic:

“We are ready to resume our support to the Gaza power plant within hours once we receive the appropriate assurances that all the funds will be exclusively used for the benefit of the Gaza population,” the European Commission — the EU’s executive branch — said in a statement.
How considerate! No? I can’t help but wonder what “assurances” they are willing to satisfy themselves with!
Last but not least: the same old hero in every tale. Someone can’t help using their charm…

Gaza’s latest electricity woes began last week, when Israel closed a fuel crossing into the coastal territory because of security concerns, leading to power shortages. Israel reopened the passage Sunday, but the plant’s Israeli fuel supplier didn’t deliver fuel after the European Union said it would not foot the bill.

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