Hardly Embarrassing

So the other day I went out with some friends from work, it was one hilarious evening with some maliciously good food, junk food that is, nothing fancy. However, one of them wasn’t that much into this kind of food so she picked up some pastry on her way. By the time we all arrived, her food was already cold. So, she suggested that the only guy who was with us would go and ask someone is one of the restaurants to heat it up for her. Everyone was like: Give me a break! Do you want us to make a fool out of ourselves? So, after some failed attempts she gave up and grabbed a piece of her cold pastry.

Mean while, I was staring at her and at her cold food. In a matter of seconds, I held some hectic mental negotiations, some sort of an inner conflict. What would happen if I tried to get her food heated up for her? It seems embarrassing, but is it really? Then, as I figured out later, my subconscious mind came into play, and what I learned from Stephen Covey’s book about being principle-centered, and how people-centered individuals get embarrassed easily. Am I people-centered?  I really hate to think so! So, I had to prove it to myself.

The next thing I knew, I grabbed her plate and got up from the table. “What the heck! Give me this.” Everyone looked at me with a puzzled look as I made my way between tables holding a plate of pastry. I went to one of the restaurants and explained the situation to the guys working there (Although I think I shouldn’t have, I need more training) And as I expected, they were very nice and even heated up in the oven instead of the microwave so it stays juicy.

I’m not gonna lie and say I did this because I’m too good and perfect to let my friend have her food cold. In fact, I’m gonna admit that my objective was purely ego-centric. I was challenging myself. Would I be principle-centered enough as to care less for supposedly embarrassing myself?

So, I was proud of myself, and Tubby was proud of me too! He kept pushing me until I did it. I’m loving Tubby these days, he’s making me feel very good about myself. Hope his schizophrenia won’t catch up with him for some while.

You may laugh if you want, but I really wish I can send this to Stephen Covey to thank him for the positive continuous effect his book is having on me. Eh, maybe someday…

Originally Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/10/364727.html


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