Is not what you might think of him. He tries to sound crude, tries to make you think he wouldn’t care less, but under that careless, callous and somehow shrewd look, he possesses a certain sweetness of heart. You don’t have to look deep to know it, it just shows: he’s lousy at pretending.

At times you think he’s so special, and at times you think that he’s just like others, just another person, but there’s always that thing, something that makes him different. Either way, he’s unpredictable; it’s very hard to tell what’s going on in his mind. He can leave you puzzled for months by a strange look, though you know it might have been nothing, he was just drifted into his own thoughts, staring at nothing…

He’d like to be your friend, he just doesn’t know how. He’s either too shy or too proud. He can’t be formal or artificial, so don’t expect many compliments. He’s just too simple and spontaneous for that. Yet, he manages to conceal it behind his cunning look that would intimidate you, even though you know very well he’s the exact opposite.

He’s the kind of person you want around. The kind of person you want in your life. You know you can live without him, yet you can’t imagine life without him, but you know you have to. He makes you wonder about him, you, life and everything. He makes you dig deep to undiscovered depths inside yourself. Makes you wonder why you think too high of him, why you trust him blindly for no good reason, and whether he really deserves it or maybe you have to shift your angle…

You feel that everyone around him is lucky to know him. His parents are proud of him, his sister thinks he’s her favorite brother, his brother considers him his best friend, his friends like hanging out with him, his cousins love him because he’s fun, kind and down-to-earth.

He laughs even when he’s hurt. Never shows his real emotions unless they are that of fury. He might hurt you, frustrate you, disappoint you and even make you want to cry, but you know it’s not his fault; it doesn’t change anything; because he’s good, and he knows it.

Originally posted on Friday, June 01, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/6/236866.html

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