I don’t get it

حمد الوكيل: أطلقنا في فن إف إم حملة تبرع بالقرنيات ، اسم الحملة “لعيونك”… طبعاً لعيونك يعني لعيون أبو حسين…   ***


At the cosmetics shop

Me: Excuse me, I need a facial wash

Salesgirl: I would recommend this one, it’s with green tea extracts.

Me: Is it really good? Coz you know I have a dry skin

Salesgirl: Yeah it’s very good. I use it myself and I have a very dry skin.

At this point, I looked at her face and, let me enjoy this gross exaggeration to render the picture clear to you: If I had pressed my finger against her cheek, I’m afraid I would’ve poked a 10 ml. hole in all those layers of foundation covering her face! How am I supposed to know what your skin looks like when you’re masking it with all that dusty material? I can imagine the amount of facial cleanser needed to clean all the debris and residue of that off! Anyway, something told me she had a good skin underneath all that makeup, but what’s the point of foundation cream if it’s so obvious you’re wearing it?!

*** If Mrs. fields only branch was in Mecca Mall, why would they choose City Mall, which is 30 piasters far in a taxi, to open their new only other branch?                                                                      *** How come a skirt that is sold for 45 JDs in any ordinary day, comes down to 9 JD’s in the sale? And how come that some items in Etam Jordan are sold for double their price in Etam KSA? And why would anyone buy that less that elegant blouse for 69 JDs?? Yer7amo 7alhom

Originally Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/10/340066.html

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