In America… people don’t do this, You know!

So today I went on a shopping spree with my cousin Mais, one of my favorite shopping buddies: She’s quick, has a nice taste and she actually buys stuff. Anyway, as you know, the shopping season in Amman is in its prime now, with one week left to Eid Al-Feter, kol saneh wento salmeen 🙂
Ma 3alaina…
We went into that store that was naturally thronging with people, and Mais went suicidal and decided to try some clothes on. SURPRISINGLY enough all the rooms were busy and she had to wait in the line (See, that’s why I many times buy things without trying them on, it works fine with me, if it’s too big you can go change it and if it’s too small it’s quite a good occasion to shed some weight)
Bardoh ma 3alaina…

While standing in the line, Mais turned on her razor sharp girlish hunch and used her ultimate survival skills to smell that there was an empty room that no one was using. Now Mais, as any desperate shopper would do headed to the room without thinking (I assume). I stood in front of the door, and as she was about to close it the lady in charge of the rooms got off her seat and looked at us with an expression I took to be discontent. I assumed there was some sort of misunderstanding and tried to explain that I’m just waiting for her and I have no intention of taking anyone’s turn, but she said: But there were other people in the line before her! So I looked at Mais for a moment, wondering whether to tell her to come out and let someone else use the room or just go on with it. Well, I’m neither perfect nor idealistic, so I told her to get over with it.
At this point, the dressing room lady’s eyes were flaming with anger, they seemed to stick out a good distance out of their sockets. Thankfully, none of that anger was thrown directly at us, that is to say she didn’t kick the door and grabbed Mais by the arm and threw her out, she just turned to the the woman sitting across from her and said: “Nobody here likes order! You know I lived 12 years in America, my brothers live there! And people just don’t behave like this!”
Well, what can I say? Famous last words!
I understood she was throwing this at me so I made a point of nearly laughing and looking quite amused, while the truth is that I was boiling inside. Not only because I felt I was being judged to my face and reproached indirectly by a woman whose name I don’t even know, but the whole attitude of “I come from a Waaay more civilized society, I don’t get people in third world countries!!” But, in all fairness, I thought this was actually funny because you know there wasn’t an actual story or plot in what she said. I mean: she lived 12 years in America, her brothers live there (How relevant!!) and there’s no such thing there. Tayyeb.
Coming back home and thinking the whole scene over, Good old Tubby raised a very good point. He said: “Ma’am, get over yourself! You do that all the time!!” Well, he’s right! One secret reason I was ticked off is that I’m used to criticizing social behaviors and even mocking them. Being the one criticized now, it actually sucked. It’s true I’ve never lived abroad, but who knows? Maybe if I did I would go all Mrs. America and stuff, complaining about honking car horns and people not using pedestrian crossings.
Well, Tubby said if I lived in Europe for one year I wouldn’t be able to locate Jordan on the map anymore. I didn’t think so 🙂 That’s why you’ll have to excuse me now, because I need to get Tubby out of the washing machine. I would say that this is my idea of brainwashing, but the poor thing has no brain to start with, so there!
Ma 3alaina…
Ah, and off topic, Shopping is a fiscally transmitted disease…
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