Leaving Jordan for the First Time

It might seem a bit eerie that I’ve never traveled outside Jordan before; given that I’m already 23 years old and that I have enjoyed the privilege of free flying tickets until I was 18. And since I believe that coincidence is a misnomer of fate, I found it intriguing that around the same time I bought my ticket to Abu Dhabi, my reservation set on 13/3, I found out about “Blog about Jordan Day” to take place on 12/3.

I started to think about what I want to write. My thoughts kept beating around the same subject. Leaving. I thought it might be the time to confess that there were times when I wanted nothing more than to leave Jordan. Or maybe I should write about that overwhelming feeling that tore through me as I once found myself staring at the horizon above Amman buildings, sometime before dusk, as the milky clouds melted in the sky, and I found myself smiling, entertaining a spontaneous thought that suggested, “Who wants to leave this?”

I might be too emotional and dramatic for someone leaving Jordan for only one week. Yes, one week and I’ll be back, inshallah, and this post might be too egoistic for a post about Jordan, but I couldn’t help sharing this, and sharing a rational fear that one day I will leave Jordan on a vacation, be fascinated by the life outside and stay there. Haven’t tested myself for that yet, and I hope this trip will eliminate those fears.

Originally Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2008/3/497039.html


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