My First Valentine’s Gift

[Dima enters the office with a pouch in her hand]

“I’ve got the Valentine’s gift for Ola and Elham!”

[Me, looking puzzled] “Valentine’s gift?” [Still puzzled]

[Elham is indulged in work, doesn’t hear the conversation]

[Dima hands me the pouch]

[A wide smiles surfaces to my face, my eyes sparkle]

“YOU ARE AWESOME! Elham, look what Dima brought us!”

[Elham budges in] “WOOOW!”

[Me, still having raptures of joy] “There are too many of them! Elham, We’ll put some in my desk and some in yours…
Dima, you have made it to my top list!”

[Dima, amazed] “Waaaaal! I didn’t realize it would make you THAT happy!”

“You don’t know what that means to us, you just don’t know!”

“They were in the kitchen, Mahmoud didn’t know what to do with them, he wanted to through them away so I said, give them to Ola and Elham, he thought I was kidding so I had to bring them myself”

“And you did good, you really did! That’s a great Valentine’s gift, and what do you know? they are red too!! totally fits the occasion”

And so, who knew my first Valentine’s gift would be something I am persoanlly fond of, sometimes have short supply of in the office, and since Dima knows how much I and Elham go crazy when we run out of it, and how we stock it in our desks in bulk, she found it a pity to let all those small packets go to waste…

Seriously, who needs roses when there’s KETCHUP?
Originally posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 on

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