Obsession Revived

Back when I was around 13 or 14, I used to be fond of animal and wild life shows. I remember being mesmerized in front of the TV when the “Killing for a Living” was on every Sunday. I used to bring those shows on CD’s back before DVD’s came into play. There weren’t many such programs on the available channels back then and with the easiness with which CD’s were corrupted, I stopped watching much of that with time.

Few days ago my sister asked me to go to Prime Mega Store and see if I can find a DVD about animals and wild life, since her husband is pretty much obsessed with animals. So, I went there and as always, I was like Alice in wonderland with all these books and DVD’s around. But this time I focused on the DVD’s with stars in my eyes. There were all those DVD’s about animals, such as: The predators prey, the Arctic Kingdom, Jaws and claws, etc. There were also other interesting documentaries about the Pharaohs, Afghanistan, etc. I was this close to grabbing more than one but I knew I had to save some money for something I’m planning on.

Anyway, I took home the “Predator’s Prey” DVD, and took the liberty of tearing the cover off and watching it with my brothers, who are also as fond of wild life as I am. After all we all loved those animal toys as kids and had loads of them…

As we started watching we were all the way like: Sob7an Allah! Wala ishi! How did they take that shot?  As well as marveling at the amazing facts that were new to us, and laughing at the stupid scurrying ostriches. I was feeling sleepy but with each chapter I was like: Ok, this is the last one. Still I didn’t watch all of it and I can already say I’m willing to watch it over and over again.

Did you know that elephants can weigh up to 6000 KGs? I mean I knew they were giant fatsos but that is heavier than anything I could’ve imagined. If you think that’s super sized, then wait until you hear that the tongue of the sperm whale weighs as much as an elephant! Now that’s big…

I recommend this to everyone. I also decided to start a library of those DVD’s, it’s really worth it, not only animals but all those National Geographic stuff, think they also might make good fodder for blogging…

Originally Posted on Friday, February 29, 2008 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2008/2/484498.html


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