One Hundred Years From Now…

[Jordan, year 2110]

Daughter: Who was it on the phone?

Mother: That’s your father. We are planning to visit your aunt in Jerusalem and stay there for a couple of days. wanna join?

Daughter: Hmmmm I don’t think so. I was there last week.

Mother: Come on, you need some time off and you know how relaxing the trip would be, especially if we took the Neo-Express, we can make it to Jerusalem in less than an hour. We might also go from there to Gaza; they are holding the annual Arab Book Awards there this year

Daughter: Really? I thought it was Lebanon like last year. Well, that’s interesting, but honestly, I still have that headache

Mother: Oh, still? You should see a doctor, that’s it! I’m taking you myself

Daughter: I did, don’t worry it’s nothing serious, just some brain tumor. He prescribed some pills

Mother: Oh, that’s it then. Anyway, you still have time to change your mind.

Daughter: I don’t think so. I might be going on a field trip to Iraq with the Fine Art Department to check out some museums

Mother: Wow, that’s something! All those relics from World War IV are just breath-taking. How shameful of me to say that though, given what our ancestors have gone through those days!

Daughter: It’s all history now

Mother: Ah, almost forgot, how was your exam?

Daughter: piece of cake. The History of Arabic Music is by far the easiest course I’ve taken in a while

Mother: But you said you couldn’t finish studying the entire book

Daughter: True, there was one chapter I skipped. The one about the Scum Era, you know, between 2000 – 2010 when all those crappy songs invaded the Arab World. Of course the names of the artists were all forgotten so there was nothing to memorize. Not to mention that the whole chapter consisted of 5 pages, and they usually don’t ask about it in the exams.

Mother: Don’t you just love our educational system! They spare the student’s memory for the good stuff. No wonder people from all over the world come to study here.

Daughter: In deed! Anyway, I have to go now and e-mail some copies of my C.V. I forgot to tell you that I’ve already received some offers but all of them in the States or the Gulf. I’d rather stay in Jordan, life is not so expensive here as it is abroad and the salaries are relatively better.

Mother: That’s good to hear. But I still think you should take some time off to relax after graduation. Now, let me go call your aunt and tell her we’re visiting. Hope she wouldn’t mind us going there too often! The weather in Jerusalem these days is outstandin, you just can’t miss it…

***   Now, you may choose to see it as I hoped to see it, or see it as Zahra saw it…

بدي أربط أحلام ملايين الشهداء بحبل من شقائق النعمان وأعمل منها أشرعة   وصواري للسفينة اللي عم تغرق…0

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