Reminiscing, wondering and philosophizing

I remember very well how this photo was taken 😀 This is my brother Abdullah, now 11 years old, 2 years back then, meaning this picture was taken around nine years ago (nabeeh giddan)… Before becoming a pokemon-obsessed, hyper-active, school hating, talkative compu-kid, Abdullah was an extraordinarily cute baby! He has that big head, chubby cheeks, full-moon face and tons of smooth, brown hair… he was like one of those mushrooms you see in Smurfs.  


When we went to take him this picture, just moments before the snap shot was taken, he was anything but gleeful, as he looks in the picture. In fact, if you look at his hands, you can see them clutching the stool hardly, as he was dangling from the edge of Mount Everest. He was so scared and we were trying to get him to maintain his position and smile, at least, so the photographer can take his picture. Suddenly, my other brother did a pika-boo kind of stuff to get him to laugh, and in all of a sudden Abduallah laughed his head off, as if he had forgotten how frightened he was seconds ago. And whissssh! The photographer was very quick in taking the picture just in time!   Lookign at this picture makes me wonder how really things are not always whatthey seem. Who would figure out that this kid was afraid? who would guess that he was laughing at his brother? Moreover, when I look at it I know I see it differently, because I can see in his eyes how attached he was to his elder brother, and I understand the reason behind that laughter and its implications.   I knwo I’m sounding philosophical, but human beings are such a beautiful thing! When you’re walking in the streets, lookign at peoples walking on the sidewalk, others in cars, soem drifted into their own thoughts, others speaking into phones, etc. You can always assume that each one of htem has something going on in their lives. Some thoughts running in their heads, and you might wonder about that. What if thoughts were visible? How would the world look like? Spooky   Anyways, I guess we should stop compalining about people starign us in the face, they could be reading you, or maybe they think they saw you somewhere, in another life maybe. Maybe you have something between your teeth or maybe, maybe they are not seeing you at all, you just got in the way.

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