Sick of This

I’m sick of people calling for freedom of expression, asking people not to judge them and to respect the way they think while they show no respect for other people beliefs, and they jump on any opportunity to criticize and attack those beliefs.

Case in point, we have several anti-Islamic streams in the Arab World. What amazes me is that the people who belong to those streams say they are leftist or whatsoever, yet the only thing that seems to concern them is how to distort the image of Islam. Is promoting your beliefs dependant on undermining other people’s beliefs?

I think we, Aravs, have a serious problem. If you look at Western thinkers like Naom Chomsky, I guess you’ll never find him being biased or prejudicial. Why? Because it’s pointless, and that’s someone who has no time for trashing other people’s beliefs.

Some people would ramble on for hours that you can wear whatever you want, it’s a personal choice, yet when they see a woman wearing Hijab they would be like: “Why would you cover your hair? Why would you do this to yourself? This is a sign of oppression…” bla bla bla.

I can go like this forever because it’s getting nasty. If you don’t believe in something then why would you spend your life trying to refute it? That should mean that you believe in it deep inside but you’re trying to convince yourself it’s not true. I could see it in those who say they don’t believe in God then they blame God for floods and hurricanes. This is absurd.

If you want people to respect your beliefs, you have to respect theirs. If you want people to respect your choice in attire, you have to respect theirs. Stop pretending to be objective, because you’re not, and you know it.

And oh, please, stop wearing T-shirts with Che Guevara’s pictures. I guess if he is to go back to this world and see what his name has come to; he’ll just go back to the grave.

Originally Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 on

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  1. Re: the Che Guevera shirt…I am in a political philosophy class where this student (who quite frequently wears the Che shirt) will wax elegant on how Che is his hero and bla bla bla (I tend not to pay attention when he opens his mouth)…but it’s like “Buddy, you shame him!”


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